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Tom James Trunk Show 2023 Holiday

Join me for my semi-annual Tom James Trunk Show! Book an appointment

This may be the only place and time you can explore the world of cloth, textiles and design, while also designing pieces yourself, with an expert by your side In our office .

Event Featuring:
View our most unique and beautiful fabrics, design custom clothing pieces, patterned just for your measurements with an expert clothier.

Dates: Tuesday December 5th Till Friday December 15th

Location: 2005 Pan Am Circle Tampa FL 33607

Here you’ll have the opportunity to ask and learn more about our ethical & responsible fabric and garment manufacturing, such as our solar powered shirt factory or the hazelnut fueled boiler we use, cloth-to-garment. We have custom made-to-fit you options for men and women. Our valued clients support our tailors, artisans working in our manufacturing facilities with over 95% of the items made in the USA.